August 10, 2022

San Salvador, July 2022. The Gloria Kriete Foundation (FGK) announced the launch of the 2022 Helping Those Who Help (HTWH) award in its Social Entrepreneurship category, a recognition of the work of those entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the country through their businesses, whose main purpose is to generate a positive social impact.

For the past four years, the Helping Those Who Help Award, with its Social Entrepreneurship category, has granted seed capital to entrepreneurs who carry out projects of social benefit so that they can expand their businesses. 

Those interested in participating in this category can register here in the Award section, Social Entrepreneurship category. The deadline for applications is September 2.

“There are people solving significant problems in an innovative way, with a sustainable and replicable entrepreneurial methodology. Thus, with this category we want these leaders of social innovation to apply, we want to learn about their projects, and grant funds to boost their impact. Our experience with this category is that the contributions we make as the Gloria Kriete Foundation help to further enhance the reach of these initiatives.” stated Fernando Kriete, secretary of FGK’s Board of Directors.

This year, the award is being presented under the slogan “Let’s write stories!”, in line with the spirit of the award, where each project, initiative, organization, leader, or entrepreneur who decides to do something positive and leave a mark on the country, is part of those stories, where contributions to society change lives.           

“FGK has worked for 17 years to improve the living conditions of people in vulnerable situations, learning through the Helping Those Who Help Award about different problems that can only be solved through collective work. Social entrepreneurs today count on its support, as they become aware that bringing a solution to populations with greater needs may require additional approaches that FGK can provide to implement their innovative solutions on a large scale,” explained Juana Jule, Executive Director of the Gloria Kriete Foundation.

The Gloria Kriete Foundation together with its implementing partner Bridge for Billions, one of the largest networks of entrepreneurship programs in the world, launched last April an innovative Incubation Program for these social change generators to acquire additional skills to ensure the success of their venture. This is a recent strategic area of the HTWH Award that acts as a formative first stage for social entrepreneurships.

Social enterprises that participated in the Incubation Program may also apply to participate in the 2022 Helping Those Who Help Award.

“The invitation is open to entrepreneurs with initiatives that seek to generate profits and at the same time innovative solutions to the different social issues of El Salvador, with a sustainable impact. We look forward to meeting these entrepreneurs who have embraced the sustainable economy, with this triple environmental, economic, and social approach, which is also known as the triple bottom line,” added Keny Márquez, Director of the Helping Those Who Help program.

The winners of this category will receive an economic incentive that will serve as seed capital to continue growing their ventures and, therefore, their impact. First place prize is $30,000, second place is $20,000, and third place is $10,000. Ventures that are in a growth stage with a defined business model and that have been able to find the right fit for their product or service in the market are eligible to participate.The social entrepreneurship ecosystem is at an early stage. The creation, establishment, growth, and consolidation of an ecosystem does not happen overnight, at least in this country which is still in development. “If we are ever going to develop the ecosystem, we need to take care of it in its early stages and create favorable conditions for its future growth, and that is precisely what we are looking for through our incubation program, to help them grow and then support them to move to the next phase of competing for seed capital in the Helping Those Who Help 2022 edition,” concluded Fernando Kriete, Secretary of the FGK Board of Directors.