Our History

The Gloria de Kriete Foundation was established in December 2004 at the initiative of the seven children of Mrs. Gloria. This nonprofit foundation was born mainly to perpetuate her memory and infuse the altruistic spirit with which she lived in the new generations.

In 15 years, Gloria de Kriete Foundation has impacted over 2,400,000 people in health, education, community development, entrepreneurship, and youth/prevention.

After thousands of satisfaction cases, goals achieved and programs with high impact on our most vulnerable population, the Gloria de Kriete Foundation reiterates the call to all Salvadorans to be generous and to be solidary with our country.

Gloria de Kriete Foundation in 15 years

We continue with our commitment to serve and help children, Salvadoran men and women, attending their primary needs in education and health, through the institutions we support. Up to 2015, we are pleased to count 35 awards given to 32 organizations that were strengthened in their vision and institutional mission, and impacted the lives of over 2,400,000 Salvadorans.


1, 900, 000 beneficiaries


68,300 beneficiaries


47,500 beneficiaries

Community Development

250,900 beneficiaries

Youth and Prevention

56,700 beneficiaries

Our Vision

Committed to Community Development

To promote the spirit of service and solidarity leading by example, developing own projects and supporting organizations committed to the welfare and improvement of the Salvadoran family.

Our Objective

To progressively Impact Salvadorans.

Develop projects of a social nature that impact progressively on Salvadoran children, promote philanthropic behavior among family members, so that it transcends generations and institutes a national award that encourages organizations with social responsibility.